Need Steering wheel Re-trim or Restoration?

Looking to have your vehicle original steering wheel Restored or Re-trimmed? Thanks to our technicians we are able to repair, recover or completely remanufacture any steering wheel to factory original specification using OEM leathers, carbon fibre, wood veneer and other materials. Our well established upholstery shop keeps most popular leather finishes and colours in stock for quick and easy turnaround. You are able to leave your car with us for complete service including steering wheel fitting and airbag light reset. Or send and get parts back to where ever you are based thanks to our postal order service.

quality materials

Hand selected and time tested materials - Leather, Alcantara - Suede, Carbon fibre, Wood veneer


Widest range of Leathers from world leading manufacturers suitable to classis and modern vehicle applications

Alcantara - Suede

Modern, versatile, eco and vegan friendly material suitable for modern and sports car applications    

Carbon Fibre

Modern and technically advanced material used by all sports and super car manufacturers   

Wood Work - Veneer

Classic and exotic wood finishes suitable for vintage, classic and luxury vehicle interiors