Our Craftsmanship

"We are committed to delivering excellence and strive to craft the very best products using machines and traditional hand crafting methods while using only the finest leather hides and materials" - Owner Mr L. Sadauskas

Leather- pattern making,cutting and sewing

With our experience in leather product manufacturing ranging from furniture,car interiors and fashion items we are able to make patterns for virtually anything to get in covered in leather. Once patterns are made to follow correct shape and contours of the item, marking on the hide can begin. Each pattern has to be positioned in certain way on the leather hide and things like material thickness and the way it stretches has to be taken in consideration, only then we cut every piece by hand or using laser machine on larger projects. After all pieces are cut and inspected for any imperfections we can start sewing process witch in it self requires special skills and understanding of leather as variations in type of material dictates use of correct needles, padding, tread thickness and tension for perfect top and saddle stitch.